Treating Depression

Are you feeling down? 

Is it the winter blues or something else? 

Many are struggling right now with the same heavy, worn, and hollow feeling. Depression. Depression is actually a physical and mental health issue. Depression happens when there are chemical changes in your brain and body, that often occur over time. Depression can also get significantly worse very fast. This is why most clinicians suggest that you take medication, or at the very least have a psychiatric consultation to assess for medication needs when you are depressed. The illness is nothing light, and nothing to be messed with. Please do not take this information here as meaning you can go off or avoid getting the medical care and medication and therapy services you may need. 

But what about those who can not access or for a variety reasons won't be able to access psychiatric care or medication. Well my first suggestion, would be speak with the public health office in the county or city you live in to explore additional resources. And consider the information below.


Regular exercise can help to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. It releases feel-good endorphins, and endogenous cannabinoids, as well as other chemicals in your brain. This increases positive and overall good feelings. You can simply start by going outside and walking for 15 minutes, even better if it's early in the morning. Women's walking shoes (no fuss slip on so you have no excuse but to move your body and increase your endorphins - feel good brain hormones)-  or men's walking shoes (no fuss slip on so you have no excuses)

Early Morning Sunlight /Full Spectrum Sun Lamp

Chemicals are responsible for making you feel good, and not feel depressed. If you get full spectrum light either by walking around outside for an hour in the morning, or by using a full spectrum lighting lamp you can increase the serotonin levels in your brain and this will boost your mood.  Sun lamps  (full spectrum light therapy lamp),  are especially good during the winter when sunlight hours are shorter and lead to Depression 

St John's Wort

St. John's Wort is a natural herbal anti-depressant as it is considered a natural mood booster 

Meditation or Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are physically helpful to your body, calming and soothing the central nervous system which helps you calm down overall. But they are also grounding, meaning they can help you destress and get rid of feelings of Anxiety which often accompany depressive symptoms and states.  This book offers 75 meditations and more. 


Socializing with supportive and caring, non-toxic friends and family members is proven to decrease stress and increase feelings of positivity, self esteem and decrease isolation. 


You need sleep. If you are not getting a minimum of 6 hours per night, you may need to speak with your medical doctor or psychiatrist about this. Sleep heals your body, and replenishes it, but it also does the same to your mind. Want to prevent or recover from mental illness, anxiety, depression or decrease stress- sleep. Consider an over the counter sleep medication with your doctors approval, or see if you need a prescription. Set a sleep routine for each night. Try a weighted blanket, for stress, anxiety, enhanced mood and better sleep


Self Healing Journal with daily prompts and exercises- 


Decrease to lead to stopping. Have other coping tools in place so you have something to go to when you're struggling with not smoking. Marijuana may feel like a relief to depression in the moment you're smoking but over time, it can and often does lead to depression. With it being legalized currently, many don't know this nor understand it. But if you're dealing with mental health issues- speak with your doctor. Smoking is probably making it worse in the long run. Consider narcotics anonymous or getting a therapist or a CASAC certified counselor to help. 


Decease to lead to stopping. Also may feel good in the moment but leads to poor physical and mental health outcomes. Consider alcoholics anonymous or getting a CASAC certified counselor to help. 

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