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Why Therapists for Black Males?

We focus on the healing, support and wellness of men and boys of color. We are a growing team and ensure our professional therapists are well suited to work with men and boys of color. Our therapists represent our clients ethnic, racial and social backgrounds and we are PROUD to provide male therapists who you can relate to and who will truly understand and be interested in helping you!

We have couples, adult, adolescent and child therapists.

Our therapists provide:

  • General therapy
  • Supportive counseling
  • Therapy for survivors of sexual abuse
  • Relationship Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Men who are challenged with managing strong feelings like anger
  • Group therapy
  • And more


We know that men of color are some of the least likely people to access mental health services, despite dealing with more of the complicated issues that lead people to seek therapy.

We know that men of color deal with racism, colorism, sexism and additional challenges when they meet with a therapist who does not identify with or understand them.

Our goal is to provide high quality psychotherapy services to men and boys of color in order to help improve their overall well-being and mental health, and prevent the suffering that happens when issues are not addressed.

Do we work with women and girls, white folk and other populations other than men of color?

Of course we do! We provide high quality therapy to anyone who comes through our doors. Because of the special issues that many men and boys of color face we do specifically outreach to them as we are highly qualified, interested and invested in servicing them.

How do you pay for services? We do not accept insurance. However we do offer very affordable rates from $50-$175 per session. We also offer FREE consultations.  

If you have questions you can leave us a message at 347-687-7417 or email us at [email protected] 

We also specialize in the healing of women and girls of color and for more information you can check us out at https://www.therapistsforblack... or email us at TherapistsF[email protected]

And of course, anyone can go to either Therapists For Black Girls or Therapists For Black Males for quality mental health care and support!

Thank you!

Amira Martin Crawford

CEO & Founder of MA Therapy LLC

MA Therapy LLC is Black woman owned and is committed to creating Black and Brown Healing Spaces sign up HERE https://mailchi.mp/dd47b78cdf3... to stay in touch and learn about what we are doing.

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