Getting back to exercise for men

How can you get back into exercise without feeling like you have broken yourself in the process?

It happens to the best of us and happens all the time. For many of us, we find ways to exercise and workout and get onto a regular schedule. That might be at home aerobics, or weights, or the gym, maybe running or jogging outside. 

And then poof! 

Something happens and we are thrown off our routine. 

For some of that, the poof was the COVID era we all lived through recently.

Days., weeks and then months of indoor living made life and exercising quite hard. 

Or maybe it was the transition from college to grad school, or from high school to finding employment. 

Whatever the issue is, it's never too late to get back into it. 

And the benefits to your mental and physical health will always be reaped when you're taking good physical care of yourself. 

Here are a couple of workouts you can take a look at. Select the workout that fits you the most after viewing, and make a goal to complete it once or twice this week.

Go and grow from there. Increasing the frequency slowly over time. 

As always, speak with a doctor before doing anything new with your body. 

10 minutes of Yoga for Black Men

15 min full bod dumb bell workout

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