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I was born in El Salvador, raised in the Catholic faith, and came to the USA when I was 8 years old with my other three brothers. Both of my parents were born in El Salvador, my father migrated to the USA in the 1970's. My father passed away in 2019. My ethnic background is Mestizo which are people of mixed indigenous [Indian] and European ancestry.

I attended LaGuardia Community College, graduated in 2005 with an Associates Degree in Science as an Occupational Therapist Assistant. In 2018, I graduated from Walden University with a Bachelor's in Psychology. I am currently  attending Alfred University and my expected graduation is December 2021. l will be a Mental Health Counselor.

I have always had a strong desire to help others, to assist people with the challenges of daily living, and create a positive change in the lives of others.

I've been working in a Mental Institution since 2004, my role there has been providing group therapy for a diverse population, as well as mental health assessments and more. I've also been working at a Nursing Home part time since 2015, there I help patients by providing them with appropriate exercises to assist with their physical disabilities, modify the person's environment to maximize independence, and facilitate participation in the center's activities.

The reason I decided to become a mental health counselor….

I believe that there is a stigma to mental health issues when it comes to people from my country, as well as in other Latino communities. Sometimes language barriers are another reason why they don't seek out counseling services. Working with Spanish speaking populations allows me to be of great use. Just being able to communicate with someone in the same language and be understood can be super important in counseling.

I believe that black people have historically been negatively effected by prejudice and discrimination in the physical and mental health care systems in the US. And, many Black people still have these negative experiences when they attempt to seek treatment because of the lack of cultural competency. I feel that the relationship and communication between a person and their mental health provider is a key aspect of treatment. It’s important for a person to feel that they can identify and actually be understood by their provider in order to receive the best possible support and care. 

I have dealt with racism by hearing things that were untrue about someone's race and culture. I used to ignore it, but when I realized that it was hurtful, I began to speak up, educate people and myself. I believe that we all have biases and we must work on them on a regular basis, by learning about someone else's culture and their people. By being a proactive person and learning about other races, because at the end of the day we all are humans.

My clinical approaches consist of Psychodynamic, Humanistic/ Client Centered, Mindfulness-based approach, Reality based techniques, Holistic techniques, CBT approaches. My clients have said that I'm approachable, empathetic, easy to talk to and a good listener.

Something unique about me would be how easy going I am, open minded, my attitude and personality. My hobbies are watching sports on television, spending time with my family, exercising and listening to music.

To me, being Latino is that I am someone that descended from a Latin American Country. Being Latino means my roots, my family, my past, my present and future, it means my culture which is the one thing no one cannot take from me, because I embrace it, accept it every step I take and every move I make.

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