Luis Quiros, MPA, MSW

Luis Quiros is fully bilingual in both English/Spanish

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Luis Quiros, MPA, MSW

My name is Luis Quiros. Thank you for being open to this process with me. I have spent my entire professional career working on behalf of my community. I am an experienced coach, author and mentor as well as being a therapist. I understand people can be afraid to face the difficult things, and be afraid of their own feelings. I am here to help walk you through that, and come out healed and on the other side.  

My practice is rooted in psychodynamic therapy, I have also been trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. I have successfully worked with boys and men dealing with issues of identity, athletics, self-esteem, Depression, and Anxiety. 

A Latino man, father and husband I was born in Harlem, NYC. Y sí, hablo español con fluidez.  

I am looking forward to walking this path with you.

My personal and professional experiences led to me a career in activism, and I am proud of my work as an author and an activist. You can learn more about that part of my work here .

My partner and I also parent a dog, a black lab mix we named Harlee for Harlem, who is an organizer in her own right.

I love my people, I love my community, and I love my work

"Social Work Speaks"- Interview with Luis Quiros HERE

“As part of a minority within a minority, I’m concerned to hear voices that tolerate and even justify discrimination.”  ~Illia Calderón

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