Oluwatosin "Tosin" Akindele

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Oluwatosin “Tosin” Akindele, LMSW

I was born in Nigeria, I came to the US with my mom at the age of 6 to meet my dad who was already living here at the time. I’ve been living in the best borough- Brooklyn NY ever since. My parents provided a balanced, stable household for my younger sister and I. Growing up, my mom was the parent that allowed me to be vulnerable while nurturing my emotional maturity. Dad provided the structure that nurtured my discipline and accountability.

I attended Baruch College and graduated in 2009/ then Graduated from NYU Silver School of SW in 2017.

I began my career as a foster care case manager at Jewish Childcare Association, working to reunite youth with family/ adoptive resources and providing long-term permanency for youth aging out of care.

Understanding that mental health is directly correlated to an individuals physical and spiritual well-being. As a founding Social Worker at CCM’s Ruby’s Place, I deployed an overall wellness approach to treating clients who struggled with dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse). I helped pioneer interventions that catered to clients emotional and spiritual wellbeing, physical and nutritional health, and mental wellness.

I am a member of a team of trauma clinicians who facilitate healing workshops and retreats for men, age 18 and older, who have experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse or other sexual trauma as a child or as an adult. https://menhealing.org/

Currently, besides my work with Therapists For Black Males, I work as a school social worker, providing psychotherapy to high school students dealing with mental and emotional hardships that directly effect their adjustment and wellness in and outside of the school community.

Working with Black people especially Black boys and Black men is extremely important to me because there is a shortage of Black male clinicians for us to choose from. Also, being visible does so much to dispel the toxic history and ideology that Black men can’t seek mental health services.

I am continuously dealing with racism everyday. Some are personal experiences while others are derived from secondary trauma of witnessing all the harm racism has done and continues to do to the world we live in. I am a huge advocate of selfcare, when I feel overwhelmed I am great at taking time to balance myself. Also In my other roles, I am one of very few Black therapists and I work with folks who have earned my trust and are always willing to have the difficult conversations.

My clinical approach is based on both psychodynamic and behavioral therapy. I believe that usually, there is a connection between our unconscious mind and our actions. Helping clients unlock and fully explore their past experiences will often allow for a cleaner path to healing. Additionally, when working with most children with oppositional and defiant behaviors, anxiety and phobias I tend to lean towards behavioral therapy because it focuses on changing behaviors, reactions and patterns that causes distress.

I think clients experience me as someone who is nonjudgmental and patient. I have been told that I am great at creating a space where my clients feel safe and that I am able to normalize a lot of their experiences.

I have a 6 year old son who is my world! I am also a parent to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is extremely intelligent and mischievous. I’ll watch anything Fantasy and action, no matter how bad it is (yes I’m thinking of you “Ava” and “Wonder Woman 1984”).

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