His Space- Making Black Therapy Affordable

Kings, do you need help with affording mental health care?

Well we have something for you and for our Queens. 

First off, we offer sliding scale services starting at $50. 

But we realize that may not be affordable for some. So we have taken a moment to put this list together, please do feel free to share. Some of these places offer therapy vouchers that you can redeem with us, and some offer free online therapy groups or just educational resources which teach you about wellness and mental health.

  1. Black Men Heal- We haven't worked with them yet, but appreciate that they are offering 8 free therapy sessions to begin.
  2. HealHaus - we have partnered with them prior to the pandemic and aim to resume that partnership as soon as we can. 
  3. Taraji P Henson's foundation named in honor of her dad- Boris L Henson Foundation
  4. The Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund- you apply, you receive generally 4 vouchers to start, have a free consultation with one of our therapists and the rest is …
  5. Charlyne McFarland therapy scholarship- you apply and receive a pretty quick response from them. Have your consultation with us and then provide them with our practice information which the consultant can give you. 
  6. And more- we have partnered with the ones I mention above, but here is a comprehensive listing from the I DONT MIND online journal. I would definitely check out Ethel's club, again I have not used their resources yet but they sound terrific!

We haven't partnered with them at TherapistsForBlackGirls.com nor here at TherapistsForBlackMales.com just yet so we can't vouch based on our experience. But that doesn't mean they aren't GOOD.  

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