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Dodrie Escoffery, MPA, MHC 

I am a Caribbean-New Yorker, born on the island of Jamaica, West Indies, with a rich heritage that recognizes the strength of culture, community and resilience. These tenets led to my career as a public health practitioner over the past decade, working within an organizational eco-system that prioritizes systemically disinvested communities that bear the burden of illness and disease. The work focuses on capacity building, resource allocation and the study of the longitudinal impact of health policies and mandates for poor communities. Simultaneously, I am also an adjunct professor. I have a Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy [MPA] from John Jay College, which led me to teach two MPA courses for an advanced Masters in Public Administration degree program for the last seven years, with both courses providing an emphasis on leadership, systems and policies.

Having managed several behavioral health initiatives [inclusive of a behavioral health team that provided Trauma Response support, NARCAN training, HARP enrollment, AOT clinical/community continuity of services], the collective work across these initiatives left an indelible impact on me. These professional experiences left me asking [beyond the program development and management areas]: “What more can I do to help? That question has led to me where I am today in the helping profession. Currently, I am a student with Alfred University in pursuit of the Masters of Education and Mental Health Counseling degree, which I am slated to complete in May for the class of 2022.

For the foreseeable future post graduate [within the next five years], I have been considering the pursuit of a doctorate and am actively researching Psy-D programs [with an emphasis on applied research within urban ecosystems relative to mental health, health disparities, public health interventions and chronic illness]. 

Beyond work and school, I enjoy good food, the company of family and friends and always, when time allows, a good book as I am an avid reader.

As a man of color and an immigrant, I hope that the combination of my education, professional and personal experiences, can inform the ongoing conversation that supports undoing systematic barriers to optimal health which includes racism, which was recently declared as a public health crisis that negatively impacts so many areas of our society and limits the potential for each of us to live long and healthy lives, especially for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) communities.

Please know that psychotherapy can be an effective tool, serving to provide new perspectives that will ultimately allow you to live the life you deserve with a positive outlook and a healthy future. As each of us is unique, I know that there is no single approach that will work with every individual, and so have been educated to provide support in a range of modalities, which includes Psychodynamic therapy, Adlerian therapy, Gestalt therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy. I invite you to reach out and take the first step towards a new path. 

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