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Thurman Brown, Therapist, Certified Life Coach, CASAC

I was born in Queens, New York, in 1965, to Rosa Lee Kee and Thurman Brown. Both my parents are deceased and were lost early and impacted by substance abuse and alcoholism.

I am the offspring of enslaved African Americans. A Blackman.

I attended Ashford University and I graduated with a BA in psychology/criminal and social justice in 2013. After attending Ashford University, I attended University of the Rockies and I graduated in 2013 with a MA in Mental Health and Human Administration.

I wanted to go into this work because I knew addiction well. I  was heavily impacted by addiction. I know how intimate it can be and how it can replace the things we all need to live a balanced life. Friendships, partnerships, relationships, are often poorly replaced by addiction. Addiction claims so much from the relationships it seeks to destroy. I wanted to do something about it.

Professionally, I started as a counselor’s aide within a  prison setting, and later rose to director; I worked with sex offenders at Metropolitan Corporation for life Skills and at New York Center for Addiction Services at a Primary CASAC-T/CASAC Counselor. I worked as a CASAC counselor at Narco freedom with Methadone clients in Long Island City; as an Assistant Director between the Adolescents and Adult programs within Camelot Counseling in Staten. I was the Program Director of Staten Island TASC within EAC network (jail diversion program), Resident Director of Educational Alliance Pride Site I & II, Grant Program Director at VIP Community Services under SAMHSA and OASAS; Program Manager at ARC in Harlem, Chief Business Developer at Millennium Health Services telepsychiatry. Consultant. Trainer at V-SOLUTIONS.

I care about working with Black people because I am them and they are me. They heal. I heal.

In my work with clients I take the approach of Enhancement to Change. The Stages of Change is the most effective approach, I think, of effectuating change evidence for others to see. The CASAC is a tool that opens greater doors and helps to create the experiences needed to be prepared to enter those doors.  

Black boys and men need to see the change that they may aspire to be but definitely the reinforcement that they can be whatever they are willing to invest in.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I, for the most part, believe in the courage of conviction but I also recognize that I am not always right and I am willing to make adjustments when I am wrong.

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